Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is beautiful?

Rachael Held Evans

Tim Challies

Rachel again

female beauty matters

I think I have the order right. The Evans piece is first, and references an old tirade from Marc Driscoll. The Challies piece came next, followed by the CBMW blog post.

It used to be that a Christian woman need not worry about being beautiful except to her husband and he should love her "unvarnished." But it would seem that today, a Christian woman needs to worry about both inside AND outside beauty.

I can say that I come down on the side of Evans in this whole debate, and it's sister debate, modesty. There are things about which the Bible is very clear. How we are to treat the less fortunate, for instance. But there are also things about which we have less certainty.

What are your thoughts? Is a Christian wife who "lets herself go" responsible for her husband's infidelity? Even in part?

What does it mean to "let yourself go?"

Does a Christian, man or woman, need to concern themselves with outer beauty?

And if outer beauty is a spiritual matter, where is it defined for us? What standard do we shoot for?

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